MTECH USSD Transport

class vumi.transports.mtech_ussd.mtech_ussd.MtechUssdTransport(options, config=None)

Bases: vumi.transports.httprpc.httprpc.HttpRpcTransport

MTECH USSD transport.

Configuration parameters:

  • transport_name (str) – The name this transport instance will use to create its queues
  • ussd_session_timeout (int) – Number of seconds before USSD session information stored in Redis expires. Default is 600s.
  • web_path (str) – The HTTP path to listen on.
  • web_port (int) – The HTTP port to listen on.
NOTE: We currently only support free-text USSD, not menus.
At the time of writing, vumi has no suitable message format for specifying USSD menus. This may change in the future.