Routing Naming Conventions


Transports use the following routing key convention:

  • <transport_name>.inbound for sending messages from users (to vumi applications).
  • <transport_name>.outbound for receiving messages to send to users (from vumi applications).
  • <transport_name>.event for sending message-related events (e.g. acknowledgements, delivery reports) to vumi applications.
  • <transport_name>.failures for sending failed messages to failure workers.

Transports use the vumi exchange (which is a direct exchange).


The routing keys used by metrics workers are detailed in the table below. Exchanges are direct unless otherwise specified.

Routing Naming Conventions
Component Consumer / Producer Exchange Exch. Type Queue Name Routing Key Notes
  Consumer vumi.metrics   vumi.metrics vumi.metrics  
  Publisher vumi.metrics.buckets   bucket.<number> bucket.<number>  
  Consumer vumi.metrics.buckets   bucket.<number> bucket.<number>  
  Publisher vumi.metrics.aggregates   vumi.metrics.aggregates vumi.metrics.aggregates  
  Consumer vumi.metrics.aggregates   vumi.metrics.aggregates vumi.metrics.aggregates  
  Publisher graphite topic n/a <metric name>