Old Vumi HTTP Transport

A deprecated simple API for submitting Vumi messages into Vumi.

Old HTTP Transports

class vumi.transports.api.oldapi.OldSimpleHttpTransport(options, config=None)

Maintains the API used by the old Django based method of loading SMS’s into VUMI over HTTP

Configuration options:

web_path : str
The path relative to the host where this listens
web_port : int
The port this listens on
transport_name : str
The name this transport instance will use to create it’s queues
identities : dictionary
user : str password : str default_transport : str
class vumi.transports.api.oldapi.OldTemplateHttpTransport(options, config=None)


Default allowed keys:

  • content
  • to_addr
  • from_addr

Others can be allowed by specifying the allowed_fields in the configuration file.

There is no limit on the length of the content so if you are publishing to a length constrained transport such as SMS then you are responsible for limiting the length appropriately.

If you expect a reply from the Application that is dealing with these requests then set the reply_expected boolean to true in the config file. That will keep the HTTP connection open until a response is returned. The content of the reply message is used as the HTTP response body.

Example configuration

transport_name: http_transport
web_path: /a/path/
web_port: 8123
reply_expected: false
    - content
    - to_addr
    - from_addr
    - provider
    transport_type: http