ParlayX SMS Transport

class vumi.transports.parlayx.parlayx.ParlayXTransport(options, config=None)

Bases: vumi.transports.base.Transport

ParlayX SMS transport.

ParlayX is a defunkt standard web service API for telephone networks. See for an overview.


This transport has not been tested against another ParlayX implementation. If you use it, please provide feedback to the Vumi development team on your experiences.


alias of ParlayXTransportConfig


Send a text message via the ParlayX client.

handle_outbound_message_failure(*args, **kwargs)

Handle outbound message failures.

ServiceException, PolicyException and client-class SOAP faults result in PermanentFailure being raised; server-class SOAP faults instances result in TemporaryFailure being raised; and other failures are passed through.

handle_raw_inbound_message(correlator, linkid, inbound_message)

Handle incoming text messages from SmsNotificationService callbacks.

class vumi.transports.parlayx.parlayx.ParlayXTransportConfig(config_data, static=False)

Bases: vumi.transports.base.TransportConfig

Configuration options:

  • amqp_prefetch_count (int) – The number of messages fetched concurrently from each AMQP queue by each worker instance.
  • transport_name (str) – The name this transport instance will use to create its queues.
  • publish_status (bool) – Whether status messages should be published by the transport
  • web_notification_path (str) – Path to listen for delivery and receipt notifications on
  • web_notification_port (int) – Port to listen for delivery and receipt notifications on
  • notification_endpoint_uri (str) – URI of the ParlayX SmsNotificationService in Vumi
  • short_code (str) – Service activation number or short code to receive deliveries for
  • remote_send_uri (str) – URI of the remote ParlayX SendSmsService
  • remote_notification_uri (str) – URI of the remote ParlayX SmsNotificationService
  • start_notifications (bool) – Start (and stop) the ParlayX notification service?
  • service_provider_service_id (str) – Provisioned service provider service identifier
  • service_provider_id (str) – Provisioned service provider identifier/username
  • service_provider_password (str) – Provisioned service provider password

Extract the Vumi message identifier from a ParlayX correlator.

vumi.transports.parlayx.parlayx.unique_correlator(message_id, _uuid=None)

Construct a unique message identifier from an existing message identifier.

This is necessary for the cases where a TransportMessage needs to be transmitted, since ParlayX wants unique identifiers for all sent messages.