IMImobile Transport

IMIMobile Transport

class vumi.transports.imimobile.imimobile_ussd.ImiMobileUssdTransport(options, config=None)

Bases: vumi.transports.httprpc.httprpc.HttpRpcTransport

HTTP transport for USSD with IMImobile in India.

Configuration parameters:

  • transport_name (str) – The name this transport instance will use to create its queues
  • web_path (str) – The HTTP path to listen on.
  • web_port (int) – The HTTP port to listen on.
  • suffix_to_addrs (dict) – Mappings between url suffixes and to addresses.
  • user_terminated_session_message (str) – A regex used to identify user terminated session messages. Default is ‘^Map Dialog User Abort User Reason’.
  • user_terminated_session_response (str) – Response given back to the user if the user terminated the session. Default is ‘Session Ended’.
  • redis_manager (dict) – The configuration parameters for connecting to Redis.
  • ussd_session_timeout (int) – Number of seconds before USSD session information stored in Redis expires. Default is 600s.

Extracts the request url path’s suffix and uses it to obtain the tag associated with the suffix. Returns a tuple consisting of the tag and a dict of errors encountered.

classmethod ist_to_utc(timestamp)

Accepts a timestamp in the format [M]M/[D]D/YYYY HH:MM:SS (am|pm) and in India Standard Time, and returns a datetime object normalized to UTC time.