A WASP providing connectivity in Nigeria via an HTTP API.

Vas2nets Transport

class vumi.transports.vas2nets.Vas2NetsTransport(options, config=None)


Valid single byte characters:

string.ascii_lowercase,     # a-z
string.ascii_uppercase,     # A-Z
' ',

Valid double byte characters, will limit SMS to max length of 70 instead of 160 if used:


If any characters are published that aren’t in this list the transport will raise a Vas2NetsEncodingError. If characters are published that are in the double byte set the transport will print warnings in the log.

Example configuration

transport_name: vas2nets
web_receive_path: /api/v1/sms/vas2nets/receive/
web_receipt_path: /api/v1/sms/vas2nets/receipt/
web_port: 8123

url: <provided by vas2nets>
username: <provided by vas2nets>
password: <provided by vas2nets>
owner: <provided by vas2nets>
service: <provided by vas2nets>
subservice: <provided by vas2nets>