Twitter Transport

class vumi.transports.twitter.twitter.TwitterTransport(options, config=None)

Bases: vumi.transports.base.Transport

Twitter transport.


alias of TwitterTransportConfig

class vumi.transports.twitter.twitter.TwitterTransportConfig(config_data, static=False)

Bases: vumi.transports.base.TransportConfig

Configuration options:

  • amqp_prefetch_count (int) – The number of messages fetched concurrently from each AMQP queue by each worker instance.
  • transport_name (str) – The name this transport instance will use to create its queues.
  • publish_status (bool) – Whether status messages should be published by the transport
  • screen_name (str) – The screen name for the twitter account
  • consumer_key (str) – The OAuth consumer key for the twitter account
  • consumer_secret (str) – The OAuth consumer secret for the twitter account
  • access_token (str) – The OAuth access token for the twitter account
  • access_token_secret (str) – The OAuth access token secret for the twitter account
  • endpoints (twitter_endpoints) – Which endpoints to use for dms and tweets
  • terms (list) – A list of terms to be tracked by the transport
  • autofollow (bool) – Determines whether the transport will follow users that follow the transport’s user