Vumi Go bridge

Vumi Bridge Transport

class vumi.transports.vumi_bridge.vumi_bridge.VumiBridgeTransportConfig(config_data, static=False)

Bases: vumi.transports.base.TransportConfig

Configuration options:

  • amqp_prefetch_count (int) – The number of messages fetched concurrently from each AMQP queue by each worker instance.
  • transport_name (str) – The name this transport instance will use to create its queues.
  • publish_status (bool) – Whether status messages should be published by the transport
  • account_key (str) – The account key to connect with.
  • conversation_key (str) – The conversation key to use.
  • access_token (str) – The access token for the conversation key.
  • base_url (str) – The base URL for the API
  • message_life_time (int) – How long to keep message_ids around for.
  • redis_manager (dict) – Redis client configuration.
  • max_reconnect_delay (int) – Maximum number of seconds between connection attempts
  • max_retries (int) – Maximum number of consecutive unsuccessful connection attempts after which no further connection attempts will be made. If this is not explicitly set, no maximum is applied
  • initial_delay (float) – Initial delay for first reconnection attempt
  • factor (float) – A multiplicitive factor by which the delay grows
  • jitter (float) – Percentage of randomness to introduce into the delay lengthto prevent stampeding.
  • web_port (int) – The port to listen for requests on, defaults to 0.
  • web_path (str) – The path to listen for inbound requests on.
  • health_path (str) – The path to listen for downstream health checks on (useful with HAProxy)